Al-Azaryia Piligrum

The workshop project takes place in Azaryia (Bethany), in the vicinity of the Holy City of Jerusalem, next to the Mount of Olives. Azaryia is a town associated with the life of St. Lazarus, and the site of St. Lazarus’ tomb.
In Azaryia there are several sites associated with Christianity. One site is the Spring which is associated with St. Lazarus and Christ’s passage from these grounds and another site is a building – standing today in ruins – a site marking the location of where Christ was presumably hosted during his stay in Bethany. Azaryia is a small town of 25,000 residents, mostly Muslims. There is a Greek Orthodox monastery and Church, a Catholic Church and monastery and a convent of Church of Ethiopia. Azaryia receives each year about 450,000 tourists – mostly pilgrims to the tomb of St. Lazarus.
In this religiously charged landscape, real life also takes place. Bethany is a city with many refugees – who fled in 1948 and in 1967 from the Old City of Jerusalem, Hebron, Jenin, and other parts of Israel and the pre-partition Jordanian territories. In other words, the population of Bethany is a mix of indigenous large families and ‘foreigners’ – many of whom have been living in Bethany for 40 years. Furthermore, Bethany is located in the outskirts of Jerusalem, almost adjacent to the Mount of Olives, but separated from it today by the Separation Wall built by Israel. This wall has already cut Bethany from Jerusalem in the West. A new wall and a new highway are planned to the NE – adjacent to area E1 - which will cut off Bethany from the adjacent hinterland and isolate it further from its access to Jerusalem.
In this context, Shorouq, a Palestinian women's organization, was created in 2002 to empower women through education and crafts, and offer them an empowered position in the local society, and the means to earn an additional income. The Center of this organization is located in Bethany, near the Greek Orthodox Monastery. The Center of this organization was recently remodeled, extended and renovated, thanks the cooperation of Shorouq with Greek-international NGO ECOWEEK.

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